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Here it is ! My Tumblr on movies reviews I never dared create even though I love cinema.. it's a shame really, because I have a lot to say about the tones of movies I've seen in my entire life ^^ Anyway, I'll make critics and reviews on movies that I'll have things to say about (logic in some ways ^^). And maybe some other stuff. So,let's go, good read and do not hesitate to like or reblog.
Please excuse my English, it's not perfect ;)

10. April 2014


Tris lives in a world divided by factions based on virtues, she’ll learn that she’s Divergent: she doesn’t fit in any factions, nobody can control her. Being a Divergent is dangerous and she may be kill at any time, but she’ll fight this society.

I’ve just seen the movie, so happy again that a book I love is adapted into a movie. But I was not happy as I thought I will be, that were important part for me in the book that weren’t in the movie. Here the missing parts:

  • There is not the scene where we see the books in Caleb’s bedroom (not very important but still).
  • When the mother came to see Tris when the Dauntless are loading the trucks, first of all she’s supposed to come see her at the pit during parents’ visit, and she didn’t tell her to go to see her brother and talk to him about the “liquid”.
  • When Tris comes back from the Erudite place she was supposed (by the book) to come face to face with Eric and Four but… No!
  • Edward doesn’t have an eye fewer… Maybe because he doesn’t exist in the movie!!
  • All the secondary characters are unnoticeable, I think we don’t see enough the relationships between Al, Cristina, Will and Tris and (maybe) that’s why we don’t understand when Tris is very angry at Al after he tried to kill her! We don’t see the relationship between Will & Cristina and neither between Al & Tris even if this one is may not be a crucial detail. We don’t know either the natives like Uriah with who Tris has a good relationship, it’s too bad because I really liked him in the book.
  • Then, we don’t see Four drunk, okay that’s not a very important part but that could have been nice ^^
  • Tris never calls Four “Tobias”, in the book he said that he likes her when she calls him like that because that makes him remember is real name.
  • They don’t explain what the 3 crows on her collar bone are: I think it’s important to know that they represent her family, because it’s supposed to be the “faction before blood” but we can’t forget where we came from.

Now there are a lot of modifications. Here they are:

  • When Cristina is above the abyss, there were supposed to have 2 big waves which destabilized her but no: just some water drops!
  • When they win the game against Eric’s team: Tris is brandishing the flag not Cristina as the book said, and she’s not supposed to fight a girl before (that I supposed is Molly!) but, I think that was for the dynamic of the movie. (this one is okay)
  • Then when the transfers are going at the edge of the city, we can see the train stationed but in the book she said that he never stops… They always jump off the train in motion. They’re Dauntless for god sake!

And for the last part, I’ll tell you the details that changed too but maybe not that important, I can’t help myself I saw them and I have to notice them… ^^

  • When Tris has to choose her faction she was supposed to dirt the floor before dropping her blood in the bowl she has chosen.
  • The bows are not at the right places: the Dauntless bowl is meant to be next to the Abnegate bowl (if I remember well).
  • After that, when she first jumped into the safety net, she was supposed to throw her sweater to Peter but… she didn’t. This is a small detail that could have been done in a second… anyway!
  • Then, when Four is throwing knives at her, she was supposed to close her eyes at the first one and Four is supposed to talk to her between each knives to convince her to give up.
  • In Four’s fear landscape: the confinement, in my opinion, is not enough intimate between him & Tris, like in the book… I mean they’re huddling together (at the limit of spooning). Also, just before this simulation Tris was supposed to give him the injection (very small detail but so simple to do when you think about it!!)
  • And the last one, when they are in the train with all the zombies-simulation-braves, Tobias is supposed to behind her.

In general, the scenes go on really fast with no real connections sometimes. I think we don’t see enough the scene with the giant Tyrolean traverse. I think there are not enough details on the factions, the tests, the trainings, and there is not enough blood like in the book… if you adapt a book into a movie do it right: we don’t necessary love violence, but that’s a part why we loved the book!! When Peter kicked Tris’ ass: we’re not supposed to recognize her next but she just had a small black eye and some bruises.

I’m not disappointed: I’m frustrated (a little). And even if I written down all the negatives points I’ve noticed, I loved it: I can’t hate it, I mean I love the book and they turn it into a movie, how, in the name of God, could I not like it? I mean I had shivers up every 2 minutes: that probably means something good isn’t it? ^^

To finish on a good note, the music in the movie is fantastic!! The music when we see for the first time the Dauntless jumping off the train is “kfshfvsvbsjk”, and I mean it!

I liked the dog during the first test of Tris (even if there is a missing part of this test), he looked very dangerous and the special effects are awesome! Also, when they’re supposed to play with paintball guns: it’s been replaced by fake ball impact and I think it’s a good modification, it’s more real! And the impact is better for the simulation!

The last fight, the one between Tris & Tobias is really nice, not too short (like in the book, yes the book has his default too!) and he’s not sparing her! But why are there so many Intelligent people? In the book there is not one but it’s maybe for the best because on a simulation that big I think it’s normal to have spectators and maybe the creators, to see their creation.

Jeanine is the one who cut off the simulation and not Tobias: I think it’s not a bad thing either because okay he’s a new experimentation but why would she give him the privilege to control the simulation (like in the book)? Good modification too.

Besides, I didn’t imagine the pit like this, neither the Abnegate houses, but that’s just my interpretation when I read the book.

And if tattoos were made like this nowadays, I think right now we couldn’t see a single part of my skin ahah ^^

The actors are amazing: Shailene Woodley aka Tris that I didn’t know, is gorgeous! Theo James aka Four is handsome (OMG!!) and I really liked Kate Winslet aka Jeanine, she’s really good to play a mean character!

“We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another.” 

30. March 2014


Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) dreams of becoming a writer and travels to Verona, Italy where she meets the “Secretaries of Juliet”. Women whoa re answering to letters from Juliet’s house. A house, where women in love can drop off letters destined for Juliet.

The movie tells us a very exciting adventure but when you look at it, it’s always the adventure the best because when you know the end is near, you are sad and in that case Claire (Vanessa Redgrave) is afraid of what would really happened: if Lorenzo (Franco Nero) remember her or not !

It’s a very “stuffy” movie, you know at each minute what will happen next, when we see Sophie’s boyfriend (Gael García Bernal) who doesn’t take care of her, doesn’t pay attention to her: we know that she will not stay with him. We know that she will finish with Charlie (Christopher Egan), even if they hate each other at the beginning.
But the movie is cute, even if like I said, this kind of story never happened in real life : this love story, with Italy in the background, lovely.

One thing I really liked is the relationship between Claire and Sophie, even if they don’t really know each other, it’s like a mother-daughter bonding, not likely but a beautiful retranscription at the screen.

So, the story is common, a classic romantic movie with the surroundings changing but the story background in Italy makes the difference : with Juliet’s house, and those italian’s traditions that I love! This movie has his charm, I mean going to find your Romeo is very romantic, but come on : who would do that in real life? ^^”It’s not the destination, but the journey that matters most.”

"It’s not the destination, but the journey that matters most."

30. March 2014

This is the story of an occidental family who came to Thailand for Christmas and New Year’s Eve and this movie relates the tsunami of 2004, in Pucket, through their lives.

I liked the story, even if it was a tragedy but this kind of movies based on true stories affect me deeply. I love Naomi Watts & Ewan McGregor.Tom Holland is such a great young actor, and the 2 actors who played his 2 brothers too. I really liked the music in the movie and the special effects are great.

When I saw the wave coming, if I were them, I think I would have been stuck in place, I would have been paralysed. I can’t imagine what they’ve been through.. and this is just the beggining.
I liked, when the mother, Maria (Naomi Watts) and her oldest son found each others back and when they’re hearing a child crying. At first, Lucas (Tom Holland) didn’t want to save him because he wanted to be safe in case of a new wave. But as a mother Maria wants to save him. I think I would have done the same because I couldn’t look myself in a mirror if I’ve left a poor child alone under tones of palm leaves, crying. I also understand her son : he was in chock and afraid, but that’s what a mother do : she takes the right decision.
Moreover, when Lucas heard the screams of his mother when they’ve been found by natives and when he look after her, he has so much responsabilities at once, becoming a men in one day : he tries to not crying.

For Henry (Ewan McGregor), when he wakes up and sees his children, I thought he was dead or he was hearing them but they weren’t there, like a dream or just a memory of them before the tsunami. I really hated the characters that care just about their own person, so selfish and inhuman! Like if they were the only people who suffered from the disaster!

Then, when all the family is at the hospital but didn’t find each others yet, I thought “They’re going to be separated again, and they will meet again at the end of the movie for the happy ending.. ” but that’s not what happened! They get back together.. and yes, I had a tear when the 3 brothers run into each other ^^

The real Maria said “It’s a story about people helping people”, I think that’s even more. This is the generosity, the solidarity of people, but I’m always wondering : why we have to suffer from something to help each other, why are we waiting for a disaster to be kind. That reminds me the rich guy in the movie who didn’t want to loan his phone and he’s being rude, such an ass****! I wanted to slap him in the face so hard!!

The movie is based on this family which makes us forget (kind of) that they weren’t the only victims of this tsunami. Maybe they wanted to makes us cry at all cost, they forgot perhaps to tell us the real tragedy. Of course, million of people died on that day (and after) but it’s kind of “nice” (if I can say) to follow the story which will end good, that makes us hope that even in the worst situation you can always find a way out, you can always have hope.

2. March 2014


The first movie I’ll be review is “The Great Gatsby”, it’s not the first movie I’ve seen of course but I couldn’t explain why: it made me want to start this Tumblr.

I haven’t read the book (yet?) so it’s just about the movie. The actors are amazing as the cast was full of promises ! Such a beautiful movie even when you see the exaggeration of special effects when they’re driving cars: they don’t even look at the road, but that kind of make me laugh anyway.

The Gatsby’s character (Leonardo DiCaprio) is based on a man who’s always hoping for something better, he’s always looking for something up, beyond, nothing is enought for him, he’s not happy until he has exactly what he has decided to get. He’s waiting for Daisy Buchanan (Carey Mulligan) for 5 years, and when she tells him that she just wants to go away with him: Gatsby absolutely wants her to get what he bought for her, even if she just wants him.. just him, not all the unnecessary things around.
The fact is: he planned everything in his life, all on getting her back with his house and everything, so as soon as there is a little change: he’s losing control of himself, and this unstable aspect about him, makes him lose his beloved.
Leonardo DiCaprio is playing with verve as always.. and I don’t know if you thought the same as me but at the end when Nick sees him at the egde of the pier, he has the same posture in Titanic in front of the big clock.

I love the set and the costumes of the “Roaring Twenties”. And most of all, I love the marble stairs on Gatsby’s house!!
The musics are spendid : Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Emeli Sandé, The XX, Sia, Lana Del Rey, Gotye and especally Florence And The Machine that I love. I really liked the sentences which appear sometines on the screen, a simple special effect which works.

During the movie, there is all along suspens around Gatsby’s big secret: maybe too much because it’s not as bis (and original) as we’re waiting for. The naration by Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire), makes us go on his rythm, and it’s not a bad thing.

The love story makes me think of Devdas (indian movie): this impossible love, this hope, even for us as spectator. It broke my heart apart. Really, it makes me sad and frustated.. I mean who doesn’t like happy endings!! And I like to think that Gatsby died with the idea of Daisy calling him to run away with him forever, because yes, sometimes I like romance like this! To finish, this movie took me away, I couldn’t explain why. For this one, I can say: this is the magic of cinema.

Olaf the Snowman - Disney's Frozen